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InnovationOwl Technologies has started a quarterly newsletter called the Owl's Call.  Issues of the Owl's Call newsletter are available for download in PDF format.  We plan on publishing additional newsletters including one that's focused on our Canadian stock selection system.  Please stay tuned for new publications.

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    Volume Number Volume Date Description File
    1 Dec. 2003 Inaugural Edition OwlsCall_vol1_Q4_2003.pdf
    2 Mar. 2004 Features SSNC and HELE. OwlsCall_vol2_Q1_2004.pdf
    3 Jun. 2004 Introduction to the Owls' TSX system. OwlsCall_vol3_Q2_2004.pdf
    4 Oct. 2004 US and TSX system update. OwlsCall_vol4_Q3_2004.pdf

    Background, History & Philosophy

    During the market slide that started in 2000 it became clear to us that in order to make money with stocks one must carefully select stocks. We reasoned that if one could learn how to identify outperforming stocks, we could be successful regardless of general market direction.

    In our quest to identify quality stocks we've read a number of books and studied the investment techniques practiced by Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Bill O'Neil, and the Motley Fool.

    Initially the system was implemented by entering data into a spreadsheet and scoring and ranking stocks; however, this proved to be very tedious so we focused on automating our process using proprietary software and database designs. Our initial focus was on small cap growth stocks, as we believe this area of the market to be less efficient. Due to these inefficiencies, it is our opinion that one should be able to achieve superior returns with less risk using small cap stocks.

    Once our selection criteria for US Small Cap growth stocks was somewhat automated we began tracking and benchmarking the performance of the criteria by tracking stocks that meet our stringent criteria as an index called the Owl's Nest Index©.