InnovationOwl Technologies

System Implementations

InnovationOwl develops financial analysis and portfolio management systems.  To date, the company's system implementations are primarily for stock portfolio selection and benchmarking.  We prefer to test our systems in real-time, when data is relevant and available to investors.  Other development strategies often focus on "back testing," using historical data to tune a system and determine how it would have performed had it been operating in the past.  Back testing is certainly a useful tool and we do utilize it, but we place more credit on how our system works at selecting stocks in the present when one can actually act upon its recommendations. We have two of our systems featured on this webiste, our TSX Growth Selection Index and our US Small Cap Selection System.

TSX Growth Selection Index

InnovationOwl's Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Growth Selection System is an automated selection system that has been selecting stocks since January 16, 2003. Click on the link above to view the system details.

US Small Cap Selection System, the Owl's Nest Index

The first system developed by InnovationOwl was our US Small Cap Growth stock selection system. This system is highlighted in our quarterly Owl's Call newsletter. The system is benchmarked using an index we refer to as the Owl's Nest Index (ONI). Click on the link above to view the system details.

Newsletter and Distributions

InnovationOwl Technologies has started a quarterly newsletter called the Owl's Call.  Issues of the Owl's Call Newsletter are available for download in PDF format.  We plan on publishing additional newsletters including one that's focused on our Canadian stock selection system.  Please stay tuned for new publications.