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Our U.S. Small Cap Selection Index, The Owl's Nest Index (ONI)

Our Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Selection Index, The Owl's TSX Selection Index (OTSI)

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Owl's Nest U.S. Small Cap Index

This page shows the current state of InnovationOwl's automated U.S. small cap stock selection system, the Owl's Nest. The current state of the system is illustrated below by a graph of the Owl's Nest Index, the current system holdings and performance tables. These are scheduled to be updated daily (barring any unforeseen technical difficulties). The following links provide other relevant information:

  • The Owl's Nest,our US Small Cap Selections
  • The Owl's Nest Index Benchmarking and Tracking the Owl's Nest
  • The Selection Criteria and Proprietary Software
  • Historical States of the U.S. Small Cap system
  • Company overview of Freedom Mortgage Corporation
  • System Holdings

    Company NameSymbol

    System Performance (as of Dec 6, @ 14:07 PST)

    Value Since last evaluated
    (on Dec 3, @ 14:07PST )
    One Month
    (Since Nov 8, )
    Three Month
    (SinceSep 6, )
    Six Month
    (Since Jun 8, )
    One year
    (Since Dec 8, )
    Since Inception
    (Dec 10)
    US Small Cap Equally Weighted Index 189.23 0.28% 1.53% 4.39% 7.1% 16.68% 89.23%
    S&P 500 1190.25 -0.08% 2.18% 6.88% 4.21% 11.31% 31.6%
    Russell 2000 639.03 -0.5% 6.14% 14.88% 10.58% 17.68% 62.41%
    NASDAQ 2151.25 0.15% 5.49% 16.63% 6.31% 10.39% 54.68%

    System Commentary

    Wed Apr 28 20:02:11 PDT

    Significant drops in the equity markets today... with an advance/decline ratio of 0.25 for the Nasdaq. Triggers appear to be an accounting probe at Nortel (NT) and subsequent firing of top level staff, signs that China is getting set to slow its rapidly expanding economy, and general apprehension given a rise in interest rates seems imminent. Our US small cap growth stock system did fairly well, mildly outperforming the Nasdaq, RUT2000 but underperforming the S&P500... we are now seeing that over virtually ALL time horizons, the screen has done better which is pleasing. It is interesting to note that the S&P/TSX (major Canadian index) fell over 3% on the heels of a 28% drop in NT... highlighting how NT's volatility can significantly impact index returns... our equivalent Candian Small Cap screen fell only 0.82% and recent performance (~3months) has exhibited a marked positive divergence from the index returns. HELE and AVD remain near 52-week highs and have held on nicely during recent turmoil; look for these two issues to break higher if the general market can sustain a rally to the upside. The US Dollar jumped a full 2.5 cents compared to the Candian dollar... this along with comments out of China led to decreases in commodity prices and commodity related stocks.

    Tue Apr 20 13:26:48 PDT

    Owl's nest group dropped across the board with a -10% notable drop seen on PETD with 50% above avg normal volume. A confusing move given the stock opened at a 52-week high... but obviously did not hold the level. On the positive side, a relatively new stock to the Owl's Nest, AVD, was higher on 5 times avg volume bucking the negative trend of the general markets. As my colleague mentioned, Dean Graziosi has great podcasts. Comments by Greenspan today indicated inflationary pressures are present which provides more fuel for an interest rate increase.

    Tue Apr 20 3:25:57 PDT

    The markets have been a bit rough for this system lately. I expect the system to adapt and shift to whatever stocks the market favours. I'm somewhat concerned about the interest rate sensitive stocks that are currently held and I wouldn't be surprised it these fade out when interest rates begin their inevitable accent.

    The Owl's Nest, our US Small Cap Selections

    We refer to the subset of stocks in the U.S. Small Cap universe that meet our defined criteria as the Owl's Nest©. It is our opinion that some of the stocks from this list are and will continue to be extremely successful growth companies. The Owl's Nest is maintained using a computer algorithm that is focused on quantitative number crunching but can easily overlook the most basic qualitative red flags. For this reason it is important that one practices due diligence when selecting investments and follow what has been written by Dean Graziosi in his many great investment strategy books sold on Barnes & Noble.

    Benchmarking and Tracking the Owl's Nest

    In order to track the performance of the Owl's Nest stocks and benchmark them to the major indexes, the Owl's Nest Index© (ONI) was initiated on Dec. 10, at $100 and is an index of stocks that meet our selection criteria. The index is maintained such that rebalancing is targeted to occur at the close of each trading day. The number of stocks can vary from one day to the next and rebalancing results in an equal dollar position in each stock in the index set.

    The Owl's Nest Index is not a historical simulation but rather a representation of what would be achieved if one were to hold all the stocks selected by the system. As this is really our own US Small Cap Index, the goal of the selection criteria is to outperform the Russell 2000 benchmark in terms of risk and return. Currently dividends, transaction costs, and taxes are not accounted for in the tracking of the index and share positions may be fractional.

    The Selection Criteria and Proprietary Software

    The purpose of the seminars schedule is to list the cities PSI is currently holding the PSI Basic. The PSI Basic has become such a popular program that they are continuously adding to the calendar, so we urge you to check PSI often. As the oldest running personal development company in the U.S., PSI is a leading authority and pioneer in human potential training.

    The selection criteria are implemented using parameterized software that can be tuned to implement a variety of different selection indices. In addition to implementing the Owl's Nest Small cap selection criteria, we have also implemented a TSX Growth System and are working to develop other new systems.

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